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ADM-345 (TM 10-006)

High-Alkaline, Hot Vat Ferrous Stripper

Paint, rust, grease, and soil remover for use on ferrous metals in hot vat operations.  Formulated with no harsh solvents, butyls, acids, or alcohols.  Dissolves carbon, gum, resin,... more >>


Emulsifiable, Soy-Solvent Degreaser and Asphalt Release

Bio-based, biodegradable tar, grease, oil, and asphalt remover. Formulated with 90% soy-solvents and emulsifiers to allow mixing and rinsing with water or other solvents. Opens drain... more >>

B-LENE 142 MINT (TM 12-005)

Industrial Strength Solvent

Non-emulsifiable solvent degreaser.  Quickly solubilizes grease, oil, tar, and asphalt from engines, motors, transmissions, etc.  Use as a parts washer solvent, as a floating lift... more >>

BLUE HEAT (TM 12-021)

Non-Butyl, Multi-Surface Degreaser

Heavy-duty, butyl-free degreaser. Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly formulation utilizes a proprietary butyl replacement technology that works like conventional degreasers without any... more >>


Parts Washer Solvent Cleaner and Extender

Chemical clarifier and flocculant designed to clean solvents by settling suspended materials and enhancing filtration.  Perfect for use in parts washers, dip tanks, solvent recirculating... more >>


Grape-Scented, Floating Degreaser and Industrial Solvent

Non-emulsifiable solvent degreaser quickly dissolves grease and oil on contact. Designed for lift station degreasing, asphalt release and removal, parts washing,... more >>


Multi-Functional, Water-Based Anti-Foam and Defoamer

Siliconized defoamer. Prevents foam over and foam damage in autoscrubbers, carpet extractors, hot vats, spray cabinets, steam machines, fountains, pools, spas, agricultural spray tanks, and... more >>

KILLER DIP (TM 08-005)

Biodegradable, Bio-Based, Emulsifiable Tar, Grease, and Asphalt Remover, Paint Stripper and Concrete Cleaner

Powerful bio-solvent and detergent blend.  Made from corn, soy, and citrus solvents.  Designed to quickly dissolve asphalt, tar, resin, paint, and grease on contact.  Penetrates... more >>

METAL KLEAN 330 (TM 12-018)

All Metal Safe Cleaner, Deoxidizer, and Degreaser

Mildly alkaline, detergent-fortified metal parts cleaner.  Designed for aqueous parts washers, spray cabinets, ultrasonic washers, and other forms of agitation cleaning.  Removes... more >>

METAL PROTEKT 950 (TM 12-019)

All Metal Rust Inhibitor

Synergized nitrite type rust inhibitor fortified with azoles and borates to provide corrosion resistance to all metals.  May be added to aqueous cleaners, but best applied in the last... more >>

RED HEAT (TM 12-029)

Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaner, Multi-Purpose

Highly alkaline butyl-based degreaser and detergent.  Perfect for spray-and-wipe and foam-and-rinse applications.  Designed for removing mud, grease, grime, wax, fat, algae, proteins,... more >>


Fast Evaporating, Multi-Purpose, Cold Solvent

Non-chlorinated, fast-drying solvent blend.  Provides exceptional cleaning and degreasing. Great for use in dip tanks, spray tanks, and dual solvent dip systems where quicker drying times... more >>

SPREAD & DESTROY 201 (TM 09-058)

Citrus-Scented, Floating Degreaser and Industrial Solvent

Non-emulsifiable citrus solvent degreaser.  Formulated with a high flash point of 201°F.  Quickly solubilizes grease, oil, tar, and asphalt. Use as a parts washer... more >>


Ferrous Only Spray Cabinet, Hot Vat, Recirculating Tank Cleaner

Heavy-duty, paint-stripping, cleaning and degreasing powder.  Especially designed for use in recirculating tanks and hot vats to clean grease, rust, paint, carbon, gum,... more >>


Ferrous Only Spray Cabinet, Hot Vat, Recirculating Tank Cleaner

Heavy-duty, paint stripping cleaning and degreasing powder. Highly caustic formula dissolves grease, rust, paint, carbon, gum, resin, oil, and dirt.  Use on engines, alternators,... more >>


Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Spray Cabinet, Hot Vat, Recirculating Tank Cleaner

Heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing powder.  Non-caustic formula dissolves grease, rust, paint, carbon, gum, resin, oil, and dirt.  Strong enough for use on engines,... more >>