Heavy-Duty Paint, Gasket, and Decal Remover


Powerful, high-viscosity formulation clings to vertical surfaces.  Strips all paints and removes adhesives, carbon, decals, enamels, epoxy, gaskets, ink, lacquer, sealers, shellac, synthetic finishes, tar, and varnish. Safe on brick, ceramics, glass, masonry, metal, plaster, stone, hard tile, and wood.

  • Works on porous and non-porous surfaces with blistering action
  • Gasket applications:  carburetors, engines, oil pans, valve covers, and water pumps
  • Decal applications:  buses, trailers, meters, railroad cars, traffic signs, shipping containers
  • Paint removal applications:  vandal marks, ink, marker, lipstick, spray paint, and paint sprayers

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