Time-Released Condensate Pan Tablets


Multi-functional condensate pan tablets. Formulated with powerful quaternary ammonium chloride detergents, vapor-phase, film-forming corrosion inhibitors, and S.O.C. source odor control agents. For use in all types of refrigeration, humidifier, and air conditioning equipment.  Perfect for window units, overhead fan coils, wall units, ice makers, coolers, vending machines, stand-alone AC units, and attic units.

  • Controls corrosion
  • Lasts up to 60 Days
  • Eliminates plugged drains
  • Eliminates manual cleaning
  • Eliminates the soils that cause odors
  • 1 yellow Expel tablet per square foot of pan area
  • 1 double-strength, pink Expel Plus tablet with every third application
  • 144 tablets per case

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